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Laurent Commission: and after?

Follow-up on the actions taken after the Laurent Commission report was published

During the presentation of its report, the Laurent Commission mentioned that Quebec must now be worthy of its children.

At the FFARIQ, we were pleased to notice that our deep knowledge of foster families’ daily realities was recognized. As proof, many recommendations made in our thesis were considered and echoed in the Laurent Commission final report.

As an organization committed to genuinely defending the interests of foster families for the well-being of the children, we will be closely monitoring the implementation of the report’s recommendations. On this page, we will provide you any updates.

We will always look after you with true kindness,

Genevieve Rioux
President of the FFARIQ

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, has announced an investment of $10 million to improve clinical support for foster families. This investment is intended to address one of the issues raised by the Laurent Commission.

This amount will be devoted to:

  • Increase the number of clinical positions dedicated to foster care support.
  • Improve the quality of services provided to foster youth.
  • Improve the attraction and retention of foster families.

For all the details on this announcement, consult the official press release by clicking on this link: 30 Communiqué Carmant__familles d’accueil_DGDBEPJ_LC.docx

The FFARIQ Sends Its Recommendations

Let us recall that the FFARIQ had mentioned in its brief to the Laurent Commission the lack of support for the FFs. It is therefore in continuity with the representations made that the FFARIQ has taken the liberty of writing to Minister Carmant to bring to his attention the points that we consider to be essential to the position of resource worker.

Recruitment/Development/Resource Maintenance

The worker must have a global vision of the situation and knowledge of the field in order to ensure the adequacy between the development of resources and the needs.


The worker must think about the needs of the children, recognize the importance of the active role of the FFs with the children, be clear and transparent in presenting the role of the FF to the applicants, and accompany and support them adequately in their process.

Record Keeping

The worker must include follow-up notes in the file that describe the reality of the FFs (situations experienced, meetings, visits, questions, etc.). The file should be an up-to-date portrait and not just a collection of reproaches.


The worker must be able to inform the resources about all the necessary aspects in order to adequately play their role with the children. This includes the intervention plans and life projects. In addition, the resource must be the privileged link that allows for the development and maintenance of a relationship of trust between the institution and the FFs.

Matching/Pairing/Resource Profile

The worker must have a good knowledge of the strengths of the FFs he or she accompanies as well as their current situation with the children entrusted to them, in order to have an accurate picture that allows for an optimal matching/pairing between the child and the FF, to avoid multiple displacements.

Contribution to the Service Quality Control Process

The worker may contribute his or her knowledge of the environment and of the FFs to support the worker responsible for the quality control of services in the evaluation process.

For all the details on the recommendations of the FFARIQ, consult the letter addressed to Minister Carmant by clicking on this link: Lettre ministre Carmant_2021-06-01.docx

The final report of the Laurent Commission on Children’s Rights and Youth Protection was made public on May 3, 2021. You can download it to read it by following the link below:


Final report of the Laurent Commission: here

The FFARIQ was pleased to note that the foster families had been heard, and applauded the recommendations made in the report. Read the full reaction of the FFARIQ by clicking on the following link:

FFARIQ reaction – press release 

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Your role as 1 st line responder

We remind you that you play an essential role in the protection of children. Despite the crisis, a child in a situation of abuse or neglect must not be left to fend for himself. See our publication of March 17, 2020 for a reminder of your rights and obligations.